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Best Buy Credit Card Comparison

The Best Buy credit card is worth applying for if you regularly shop at Best Buy because you will enjoy a $0 annual fee and good rewards. Specifically, the Best Buy card gives you the choice between earning 5% back on Best Buy purchases and potentially avoiding interest for 0% for 12 - 24 months with a promotional financing offer. We recommend choosing rewards because the financing offer includes deferred interest.

best buy credit card comparison

When you apply for the Best Buy credit card, you may be approved for either the Best Buy Store Card or the Best Buy Visa Card, depending on your overall creditworthiness. The biggest difference between the two versions of the Best Buy credit card is that the Visa can be used anywhere Visa cards are accepted, while the store card only works at Best Buy.

The Best Buy Credit Card late fee is up to $41. This fee applies when cardholders don't make the minimum payment by the due date. The Best Buy Credit Card late fee for the first time you make a late payment is $30, and it will increase to $41 for subsequent late payments within 6 months. The same fee applies for the Best Buy Store Card, too.

The Best Buy Credit Card is a Visa, not a Mastercard. You can use your Best Buy Credit Card at nearly 11 million merchants that accept Visa nationwide, and you can use it abroad in more than 200 countries and territories.

There are a few differences between Visa and Mastercard credit cards, such as the network-level benefits they offer, but those differences are relatively small. The two card networks have a lot in common, including extensive worldwide acceptance. As a result, it's more worthwhile to compare individual credit card offers than to focus on getting a card from a particular network.

No, the Best Buy Credit Card is not a good first-time credit card because it is only available to people with good credit or better. People who've never owned a credit card are unlikely to get approved unless they've built good credit through other means. There are plenty of good first-time credit cards on the market, though.

Yes, the Best Buy Credit Card is a credit card. The Best Buy Credit Card is issued by Citibank, works wherever Visa is accepted, reports to the credit bureaus, and allows you to pay off purchases over time. There are quite a few important things to know about the card before you apply, though.

To sum things up, Best Buy Credit Card is a credit card, but it may or may not be the best credit card for you depending on your needs, qualifications and spending habits. You can learn more about this card from WalletHub's full review.

The Best Buy Credit Card reports to the credit bureaus monthly, within days after the end of a cardholder's monthly billing period. Best Buy Credit Card reports the card's credit limit, account balance, payment history, and more to all three of the major credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Citibank may use a specific credit bureau more than another, depending on the applicant's home state, and other factors.

Once Best Buy Credit Card reports your account information to a credit bureau, it may take a few days before the updates appear on your credit report. New Best Buy Credit Card cardholders may not see any new credit account info on their credit report for one or two billing periods after getting a card.

The Best Buy Credit Card does not offer a rental car insurance benefit. Even though the Best Buy Credit Card doesn't have rental car insurance, this perk is one of the handful of credit card benefits that still come with many credit card offers. If you'd like a credit card with rental car insurance, there are plenty of options.

In general, credit card rental car insurance provides coverage against damage and theft of a rental vehicle, usually up to the vehicle's actual cash value, when the rental is paid for entirely with an eligible credit card. To get coverage, the cardholder must decline the rental agency's insurance plan.

No, Best Buy Credit Card does not have travel insurance. While Best Buy Credit Card does have benefits such as roadside dispatch and zero liability fraud protection, travel insurance is not among the card's perks. This is because the Best Buy Credit Card is made for people who want good rewards on Best Buy purchases.

If you're looking for a travel credit card, check out WalletHub's recommendations for the best credit cards for travel insurance and travel rewards. Before picking a card, also be sure to check your credit score for free on WalletHub so that you know which cards you'll be able to qualify for.

The Best Buy Credit Card balance transfer fee is 5% (min $15). This card is not a good choice for balance transfers due to the combination of its balance transfer fee and relatively high balance transfer APR: 30.74% (V). That does not compare favorably to the selection of 0% balance transfer credit cards on the market right now.

You can only redeem your Best Buy Credit Card points for reward certificates, which can be applied as a discount towards your Best Buy purchases. For every 250 points that you earn using your card, your Best Buy account will automatically be rewarded with a $5 certificate.

There are two basic versions of the Best Buy Citi Credit Card. One is a "closed-loop" store card, meaning it's accepted only at Best Buy and The other card is an "open-loop" credit card, meaning it is accepted anywhere that takes Visa.

The easiest way you can pay your Best Buy Credit Card is either online or by phone, by calling 1-888-574-1301. Alternatively, you can make a payment via text, by mail, or at a branch. Citibank does allow cardholders to set up automatic payments, too. 041b061a72


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