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Jordan Lopez
Jordan Lopez

Facebook Friends Mapper Extension For 11.epubl

huge thanks to my team of high school teachers for their input and early feedback. they helped me see the answers that i sought and still continue to educate the students and teachers on social media in the classroom. i look forward to continuing this journey with the osep education center as we chart our new frontier in social media pedagogy.

Facebook Friends Mapper Extension For 11.epubl

getting started with facebook is very easy, to set up an account you only have to go to sign in or click login with your existing facebook account and you will be redirected to an account creation page. if you are not already a member of facebook you will get a message at the top of the page that wants you to setup a profile. you also get to choose one of your main interests (subjects) that you want to share through fb.

in a facebook group (a.k.a. facebook club) you can invite friends to join the group. anyone who joins the group is automatically added to the friend list of the admin of the group. on the other hand, if a user joined the group he would not be listed as a friend of the admin of the group unless he adds the admin as a friend.

the onboarding experience is particularly important for users of new services, as it helps them understand the value proposition of the service and its goals. the onboarding experience is also a critical way to attract and engage users.

according to the facebook coo sheryl sandberg, in 2014 facebook got 1.3 billion people on its platform. the growth of facebook has come with the increased usage of internet on mobile devices. this has turned facebook into a ubiquitous network for social interactions. based on the original ideas of mark zuckerberg, the social networking giant has been pushing its users towards mobile devices as the natural platform for social interaction.


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