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Buying Car Guide India

Buying a new car is a dream for everyone. And to some extent, people often have an emotional connection while purchasing their car. However, one should never get carried away by emotions when buying their car since several dealerships run certain scams to get more money out of the customer's pocket. In this article, we will be sharing the top 6 tips that you need to keep in mind while buying a new car.

buying car guide india

Buying a car in India is a basic necessity for some, a status symbol for the more indulgent, but a dream come true for most of us Indians. Whatever the reason may be, a car is an important part of Indian households. But buying a car is a major financial decision, which involves a great deal of savings and foresight. The concept of buying used cars started taking ground in recent years when people realised that used cars can be as good as new cars. However, many of us still refrain from the idea as it involves tons of research and a substantial amount of risk. With the advent of online used car platforms, things have become easier for the common Indian.

The test drive experience has also been made convenient as Spinny brings the test drive experience to your home. You can test drive your desired car in a familiar environment, getting a better idea of how the car will fit in your life. For further convenience, Spinny also delivers your car right to your doorstep, for an unrivalled car buying experience.

Spinny is the most trusted way of buying and selling used cars. Choose from over 5000 fully inspected second-hand car models. Select online and book a test drive at your home or at a Spinny Car Hub near you. Get a no-questions-asked 5-day money back guarantee and a free one-year comprehensive service warranty with Assured Resale Value on every Spinny Assured car.

Spinny is the most trusted way of buying and selling used cars. Choose from over 2000 fully inspected second-hand car models. Select online and book a test drive at your home or at a Spinny Car Hub near you. Get a no-questions-asked 5-day money back guarantee and a free one-year comprehensive service warranty with Assured Resale Value on every Spinny Assured car.

Shortlist a few models, research about the different variants of the car on offer and what features they come it. Make sure the vehicle is not a very old one as spare parts and repairs can be a concern. Another thing that you will want to look up average maintenance and repairs costs. Also, research on the car buying tips, most preferred cars for first-time buyers, etc on our Blog and if to know about the buying prices for these car models, our Carculator can help!

It entirely depends on your financial situation and requirements. If you need a car and do not have enough savings/funds, you can go for used cars. But, if you can wait for some time and save up, you can purchase a brand new car. Also, if you are a novice driver who has just learnt to drive a car and are not sure about car usage, spending on a brand new car may not be a sensible option. In such situations, you can consider buying a used vehicle.

Buying new cars is not an easy job but is committed to make car deals simplified by all means. Our goal is to make car buying a pleasant experience. By following our step-by-step process, you'll be able to buy a car you're happy with and get monthly payments that won't deplete you bank account.

Many people are intimidated by the abundance of choices and the prospect of having to deal with a salesman but if you do your homework and you prepare yourself by knowing exactly what you want and exactly what you want to spend, it's as easy as walking into a dealership and letting them know what you're there for. Not being intimidated often intimidates them. Using online quote systems are an easy way to know what's out there and how much you should be paying.You can also buy cars through these sites. Our guide to buying your new car will walk you through all the information you will need to know what you're looking for and how to get it.

When buying a new, recalls and defects are always a concern. What is a defect? Why did they do a recall? Where can I report a possible defect or need for a recall? These are all very important questions and can sometimes be tough to find answers to. In the section on Motor Vehicle Defects and Recall Campaigns all your questions, and even a few you didn't know you had, are answered. Understanding a recall or a defect on your car can save you a great deal of money. In the event of a recall on part of your car, the dealership where you bought it will fix the recalled part for free. If you didn't know this, you might be out the money that you paid to get the part fixed elsewhere. This section is very informative and helpful. You might even want to take a look at it before you buy a car so you will know what questions to ask the dealership about and recalls or defects they may have had.

Nothing beats the smell of a new car, the thrill of driving away in a car that is yours, one that's never been owned by anyone else, but it comes at a price in the form of depreciation. You can virtually write off 20 per cent of the purchase price the moment you drive away from the dealer because it's then a used car. Cars depreciate faster in the first two or three years of their life and the new car buyer has to cop that for the pleasure of being the first owner. By buying used it's possible to avoid the heaviest depreciation. Cars will still depreciate in their latter years, but at a lower rate.

New car buyers have the reassuring backup of a new car warranty so they know that if anything goes wrong they won't be up for a big repair bill. Anyone buying from a used care dealer will also have a warranty, but it won't be for as long as the new car warranty. Private buyers don't have any warranty.

Yes you can buy or rent one. In a country like India there are several options for buying & renting cars in India. There are various car dealers & car renting agencies where you can get any car at fare price. Just negotiate smartly.

For most Americans, buying a car is a major purchase. Even in a market of rapidly rising prices and low inventory on the car lots, how can you prepare to avoid any bumps in the road? You want to make sure you do your due diligence and get the best deal possible, but navigating the financing and negotiating of a car purchase can be complicated. Here are a few steps you should consider if you are shopping for a new or used car.

There is not a single person in the world who will not get excited when buying a new car. After all, the car will be your companion on ups and downs. More importantly, you have invested a lot in it. That said, buying these cars is itself a really tedious and mind-blowing task. Well, one of the reason is because of the number of choices a buyer has, be it any segment. And secondly, the variants, engine and the transmission options are just super confusing. So, here are 10 things to keep in mind to make things a little bit easy.

There are various strategies to help save money when buying your leased car, including financing through your bank or working directly with the lender (the creditor that owns the car). If you decide to buy the leased car, explore all your options. 041b061a72


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