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Mac Makeup Font Downloadl

Mac Makeup Font Downloadl

If you are a fan of MAC Cosmetics, you might have noticed their distinctive typography on their website, in-store display and packaging design. The font they use for their headline and primary type is called Alias Ano, designed by Gareth Hague of Alias Type Foundry. Alias Ano is a geometric sans serif font with a futuristic and minimalist look. It comes in four weights: Light, Regular, Medium and Bold, and supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts.

Download Zip:

Alias Ano is not a free font, but you can purchase it from the Alias website or from other online font retailers. However, if you are looking for a similar font that is free to download and use for personal or commercial projects, you might want to check out some of the alternatives below:

  • Vegan Style: This font by Billy Argel Fonts is a stylish and elegant script font that mimics the handwriting of a makeup artist. It has a lot of swashes and ligatures that add flair and personality to your text. You can download it for free from FontSpace.

  • Cassandra: This font by Billy Argel Fonts is another script font that has a feminine and sophisticated feel. It has smooth curves and thin strokes that create a delicate and graceful appearance. You can download it for free from FontSpace.

  • Lemon Jelly: This font by Billy Argel Fonts is a fun and playful sans serif font that has a rounded and bubbly look. It has a lot of alternates and extras that make it versatile and dynamic. You can download it for free from FontSpace.

These are just some of the free fonts that you can use to create your own MAC Cosmetics-inspired designs. Whether you want to make a logo, a poster, a flyer, a brochure or a website, these fonts will help you achieve a modern and contemporary look. Just remember to respect the terms of use of each font and give credit to the original designers.


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